Our Publications

Metal support interaction governs the dry reforming activity in a modified sol-gel prepared CeO₂ supported high entropy CoCuFeMnNi catalyst, ChemRxiv (2023)

S. Sharma, B. P. S. Gangwar, R. Mitra, A. Parui, P. Gakhad, P. K. Yadav, A. K. Singh ,C. S. Tiwary, K. Biswas

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Diffusion-enhanced preferential growth of 𝑚-oriented GaN micro-domains on directly grown graphene with a large domain size on Ti/SiO₂/Si(001)

H. Lee, J.-H. Park, N. Maity, D. Kim, D. Jang, C. Kim, Y.-G. Yoon, A. K. Singh, Y. Han, and S.-G. Yoon

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